GAL Serie

GAL Serie

Pure cast aluminum

The GAL series vacuum clamping tables involves solid aluminium products for professional use. The consistent use of thick, strong cast aluminium produces a vacuum table which provides a high level of stability, in combination with exceptional damping characteristics.

There are basically two different surfaces available:

  • The classical variant, with a hole pattern from 10 mm multi-purpose bores represents the ideal compromise between low-level leakage loss during milling and the requirement of enabling the clamping of small workpieces. With this process, work is carried out with a pump which can provide a delivery of 1.2m³/h per dm².

  • For workpieces with a minimum width of 30 mm, there is a leakage-optimized surface, with which 3 times as many bores can be opened as with the classical variant before the workpiece loses its grip. Here a vacuum pump with 0.6 - 0.8 m³/h per dm² is usually adequate.

The same perforated rubber mats are available for both variants to ensure that the vacuum table surface is not damaged during through-milling of the workpieces. At the same time, the perforated rubber mat considerably increases the friction coefficient and the workpiece seals with respect to standard atmosphere. We use a perforated rubber mat in different geometrical shapes, reaches a service life far in excess of 100 operating hours. The through-milling depth in this case is generally less than 0.2 mm. The standard dimension of the perforated rubber mat is 1 mm; special designs with 2 - 3 mm thickness are available.

For all GAL vacuum tables, a vacuum distributor is included in the series for the activation of individual chambers.
According to size, the vacuum table is subdivided into several vacuum chambers, which are arranged appropriately and separated from each other. The suction exhaust is then implemented separately switchable over strain-relieved Quickstar screwed fittings.

In order to achieve maximum precision, it is advisable to mill the vacuum table flat after successful installation on the machine. On request, the vacuum table can be set up by us on our premises.

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