Alu-Line Heavy Gantry parts set

Alu-Line Heavy Gantry DIY kit
AchtungThe mechanics is supplied in individual parts for self-assembly. The pictures show the fully assembled state.

After completion, the sets of parts presented here represent what is referred to as "incomplete machines" in the Machinery Directive. For operation in accordance with the regulations, it must be completed with an enclosure and the module functional safety (operator protection).

Due to the large dimensions the profiles and ballscrews are built with higher cross sections in the Alu-Line Heavy. On the X-axis, the 90 x 90 profile is replaced through a 180 x 90 profile to reduce the deflection. Likewise, the 16 mm ballscrew is replaced with a 25 mm ballscrew on the long axis. In order to achieve even greater stability, on the X-axis (long axis), two linear guide rails are mounted on the 180 mm profile on each side. The Heavy Gantry version comes with 2 external X-drive spindles.

All machines are also available ready built. Give us a call!

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