Electrospindle Teknomotor

Electrospindle Teknomotor

The electrospindles have been designed to develop high speeds and powers with limited overall dimensions.

The electro spindles are available from 0.73 to 3.3 kW.

These features make them ideal for use on machines for machining wood, aluminum alloys and plastics.
The electrospindles are used mainly on CNC routers.

Because of their structural features, the electrospindles can withstand radial or axial or mixed loads.
The electrospindles are protected against the ingress of contaminants such as wooden chips, dry sawdust, aluminum shavings, and chips of PVC. In case the process generates ultra-fine dusts (epoxy materials, carbon and the like) or where are present liquid lubricants in the form of jets and sprays, it is strictly necessary to use the pneumatically sealed electrospindles.

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