Penta NC

Penta NC
  • Eding CNC controller required
  • Easy to learn with intuitive Windows 7 look and feel surface
  • Suitable for workshop touchscreen capable machine operation
  • Clearly by Custom Display Configurations: for CAD / CAM and CNC operation
  • Process reliability through configurable user-level control
  • Tools / Material Management
  • Processing of different data formats such as DIN-ISO (NC files) from different CAM systems
  • DXF files (graphics data) from all common signs and CAD programs
  • CNC data from various other control systems (for example, XpertMILL milling files).
Functions for geometry processing:
  • Rework / repair imported data (point processing insert, delete, disconnect, connect, close, smooth and reduce
  • Drawing points, lines, curves, circles, polygons and text creation with Windows TrueType fonts
  • Duplicate, move, rotate, mirror of groups and individual objects
  • Creating Multiple-setting start point 
  • Manual / automatic define the machining range Sequence
​​2.5D CAM module
  • Automatic tool radius compensation
  • Pocketing with island detection
  • Different strategies for entry / exit, and plunging Milling-Holemaking
  • Set of lands for fixing the components in complex benefits processing
  • Material removal and rest machining (planned option)
Other functionalities
  • Leveling to eliminate machine
  • Driving various tool changer
  • Spindle Performance-based feed control
  • Vacuum monitor for a vacuum clamping system
  • Registration mark detection with correction of the milling file.
  • Supports multiple Z-axis
  • Tangential Cut
  • and much more.
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