Hole grid tables

Hole grid tables
  • GAL Vacuum tables are versatile to use. They allow the milling of breakthroughs and are usually clamped on T-slot plates.
  • GR vacuum tables have all the important features of a vacuum table, such as the GAL, plus an integrated steel threaded socket on the suction surface grid and workpiece stops.
  • SMART vacuum tables provide leak-optimized surface and therefore have low requirements on the vacuum pump. They are also very flat.  
  • ST vacuum tables are a simple construction of polyethylene and rolled aluminium. Clamping holes for M6 bolts with 50 mm separation distances are located within the vacuum surface for attachment. They are therefore well suited for fixing on one of our T-slot plates or an adapter plate. Due to their simple construction, the tables are a cost-effective solution and are not suitable for high-precision machining.
  • SEAL vacuum tables, field of application: Electronics, electro-technology, engraving, model construction, mould construction, plastics processing , wood- and metalworking, producing labels and doorplates and manufacturing advertising media .This product series is the ideal solution for clamping practically all materials on CNC-machines - manually or automatically!