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An innovative leap forward for HSC Milling of Aluminium and plastics

An intensive development has resulted in a new patented method for clamping work piece sheets in the high speed milling process.
vilmill™ is a fabric which significantly improves milling technology and drastically reduces process costs.

How does vilmill™ work?
vilmill™ is a substrate with a specifically selected adhesive coating. Used as a layer between the work piece and the milling table, the adhesive layer is activated during the milling process. In parallel to this vilmill™ increases the efficiency of vacuum clamping.
The combination of improved clamping and adhesive coating fixes the work piece during milling/cutting to an degree not known before.

At the same time vilmill™ aids the transportation of  milled parts through the machine.

Benefits of vilmill™:

vilmill™ allows much higher feed rates during HSC milling.
Expensive materials can be used efficiently and tool costs reduced.
Process stability is enhanced and subsequent-work reduced for smaller parts and filigree structures.
Useable on a wide range of materials, for example: Aluminium, Copper, plastics and composites.

Already used in production and suitable for a wide range of milling machines.

Further information about Vilmill

Available Sizes:
We sell vilmill™ in 500mm width and variable lengths of 100mm
One ordered piece menas 500mm x 100mm.
If you order for example 20 pieces, we deliver 500mm x 2000mm in one piece.
Vilmill™ can easily be cut with a knife to any desired length or shape.

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