Smart clamping - a new vacuum clamping process for impressive results.

With smart clamping, a new technology developed by us, you are now able to securely clamp workpieces with a flat surface with a vacuum output of 500 W per m² without having to cover any remaining free bores.

The clamping force of this system is five times greater than when clamping with conventional side channel blowers or, as is often practiced, with industrial vacuum cleaners.
At the same time, the installation in a CNC machine is significantly simplified, since the required cross-sections of the supply lines are considerably smaller than with the conventional clamping technology practiced up to now. Smart clamping avoids leakage instead of distributing it evenly over the surface through a particularly complex channel layout.

Although the costs of a smart clamping vacuum table are higher than that of a vacuum table from the SEAL series, the acquisition costs of the entire system including the vacuum pump remain well below the previous purchase prices.

The operating costs are about 50% lower.

This is achieved through the significantly improved efficiency of the system, which becomes more and more evident as the number of free bores increases. If a conventional perforated grid vacuum table has more and more free bores as the machining progresses, a smaller and smaller proportion of the energy applied is used to clamp the workpiece, while the lion's share is blown through the room as leakage air.

With smart clamping, this effect is drastically reduced. The consequence of this is unprecedented flexibility when machining several workpieces in one set-up, as well as a significant increase in operating comfort. At the same time, a considerably larger chip volume can be generated with improved cutting quality. This saves CNC capacities and thus ensures even greater profitability.

When vacuum clamping on perforated grid vacuum tables, many manufacturers recommend a suction power of 4 kW per m². With a commercial electricity price of 19 ct / kWh this corresponds to a price of 0.76 € per hour and with an 8 hour day 6.08 € per day, or approx. 125.- € per month.

Smart clamping can be used wherever sheet metal or plastic plates have to be firmly clamped. Regardless of whether aluminum, copper, brass or other non-ferrous metals, stainless steel (VA) steel or plastics such as polyester, PE (polyethylene), PA (polamide), PC (polycarbonate), plexiglass (acrylic glass, polyacrylic) or graphite (e.g. for electrodes), it is always important that the workpieces have a flat underside as a clamping surface.
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